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FAZS FAOZI is a renowned makeup artist with over 10 years of experience, beautifying over 10,000 faces, including VIPs and celebrities like Mira Filzah and Anzalna Nasir. She has appeared on RTM and ASTRO, and won the 2021 Pencarian Nona Superwoman reality show.

Fazs Faozi conducts beauty talks and classes for various organizations and is a pioneer of USANITA, supporting woman entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Her cosmetic line, “FAZSFAOZIBEAUTE,” has won multiple awards, including the “Best Makeup Tools, Bloggers’ Choice Award 2022.” She is featured in Britispedia’s “Successful People in Malaysia” and often speaks on confidence and personality at universities and corporate events.


Owns her own cosmetic brand, “FAZSFAOZIBEAUTE,” which has won various awards, including “Best Makeup Tools, Bloggers’ Choice Award 2022” and the Beauty Insider Choice Award. She is also listed as one of the Successful People in Malaysia (4th Edition) by Britispedia Media and frequently gives talks on “confidence and personality” at universities such as UiTM, government agencies and corporate organizations

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