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FF Mattifying Setting Spray


What it is:

A super-fine setting spray that hydrates, primes, sets & refreshes skin throughout the day.
What it does:

Enriched with Niacinamide & Sodium Hyaluronate, this setting spray used to prime, set, refresh makeup & calm your skin. Can be used before & after makeup. It hydrates your skin & gives you plumper, glow & smoother skin.

What else you need to know:
– Suitable for oily skin- Gives matte effect to the skin- Prime, set & refresh makeup throughout the day- Hydrates & soothes skin- Refreshes & softens skin

How to use:
– Gently shake the setting spray & spritz two to four times onto the face. Hold the spray at a distance of 20cm away from the face.- Close eyes when applying to the face.-Apply between layers of makeup to soften & hydrates the product into complexion for an instantly refreshed apperance.

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1 review for FF Mattifying Setting Spray

  1. Laura Qistina

    Hi, just nak bagitahu… FF Matte Setting Spray srs best gila! makeup tahan lama. tak smudge, tak trasnfer 😭❤️ memang pakai tu je skrg. bau pun wangi 😍bfr this pakai urban decay, tapi FF Matte Setting spray lagi best !!

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